From: Global Crossing Support <>
Subject: Primenet Migration Notice
Status: RO

As of December 13, 2002, migrates to
You will need to contact Global Crossing's Customer Service at
1-800-482-4848 at least two weeks prior to 12/13/02 to maintain your
service.   If you do not, your email address will no longer function
and your web content will not be saved and archived after that date.  

When you call in, the Customer Service representative will help you
determine a new userID for  Your new userID and
password will be forwarded to you.  After you establish your new
account, any email received at your address will be
forwarded to your new email address. In addition,
any web content (e.g., home pages) you have posted will be automatically
migrated to the new server domain during the period
December 15-20, 2002. Anyone attempting to access your old
URLs will be forwarded to your new site.

In addition, we ask that you please note the following extremely
important information:

You must download the new Global Crossing Internet Dialer 
( ) with global
roaming features before November 30, 2002.  After that date, we will
no longer support the older dialer. There is a fixed monthly fee of
$19.95 for using Global Crossing Internet Dial that includes 100 hours
of usage in North America, with additional hours billed at $1.10 per
hour above 100-hour usage. If you need help with this download, please
contact our Help Desk at 1-800-800-1170 or via email at  

Check out our new global roaming features - you can connect in 150
countries with over 20,000 local access numbers worldwide.  Global
roaming charges are billed per minute basis based on calling Zone.
Example, there are no roaming charges in Zone 1 (USA and Canada);
Zone 2 countries billed at $.08 per minute; Zone 3 countries billed
at $.09 per minute, and Zone 4 countries billed at $.23 per minute.
For a complete listing of countries by Zone, visit web site .

Further, after the conversion to the domain, you
may need to change your preferences and settings in any software
clients that you have previously configured with your
domain settings.  These may include mail clients, shell access clients,
FTP clients, and news clients. For help on re-setting preferences in
these clients, please visit this web page:

Likewise, if you plan to continue using our service and you currently
use mail forwarding you will need to reestablish that by following the
instructions on

Please note that will not support Procmail and imap
features previously supported in domain

Remember - your email address will not be available after
December 13, 2002.   Contact our Customer Service at 1-800-482-4848 to
keep your email account active.  Customer Service phones are staffed
Monday-Friday 7 am - 8 pm, and Saturday 8 am - 8 pm EST.  We apologize
for any inconvenience this change may cause you, but we are here to
support you every step of the way during this necessary migration.

Thank you for choosing Global Crossing!  We're here today.
Here tomorrow.  Here to stay.

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